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The European Blockchain Center is a globally leading institution that conducts research and education on blockchain-based systems and -solutions.

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NFT Panel Debate
Event, Guest Speaker, Presentation

From Cave Paintings to Pixel Art – NFTs as a Game Changer in Art (History)

On the 14th of September 2022, the European Blockchain Center (EBC) invited four professionals from the art world to an …
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Digital Tech Summit

The European Blockchain Center will be present at the Digital Tech Summit, 2022, in Copenhagen.

Open ITU: NFT Panel Debate

The European Blockchain Center was happy to host Open ITU – a free NFT Panel Debate on Sep. 14th, 2022.
Event, Student Group

Student Group Excursion

Blockchain Student Group took on an excursion to CryptoPong art exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, on Sep. 20th.


In the spotlight
Beck, R., Müller-Bloch, C., and King, J.L., 2018
‘Governance in the blockchain economy: A framework and research agenda’
Read full paper here
AIS Impact Award on Blockchain Governance Paper
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Blockchain and IP Law Conference 2022

Decentralized Technologies: The Patent Landscape
Presentation by Marc Kaufman

Blockchain and Open Source: Licensing and Business Models
Presentation by Martin von Haller Grønbæk

Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Infrastructure
Presentation by Nicolas Hauw

Our Services

International Blockchain School
The first world-wide blockchain Summer school with intensive learning, hackathons, and use-case presentations.
Blockchain Master Class
This online blockchain course introduces executive leaders to blockchain technology and blockchain-based business models.
Classes at IT University
Master- and PhD students are introduced to blockchain technology and DLT-systems, gaining a decentralised mindset.
Nordic Blockchain Summit
This summit brings together decision makers, business leaders, and blockchain students to discuss opportunities and challenges of blockchain systems.
The European Blockchain Center hosts various events to inform the private- and public sector of blockchain opportunities and challenges.
Contractual Research
Researchers at the European Blockchain Center conducts on-ledger analysis and benchmark tests for the private- and public sector.

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