Call for Papers on “Sustainable Autonomous Systems”

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We are witnessing a change from automatic to autonomous systems, from value creation in hierarchies to value creation in networks, from reactive processes to proactive processes.

That change is accelerating due to IoT, AI, and Blockchain and the combined use. We encourage researchers working on autonomous systems in different contexts to have a look and contribute with their knowledge on the subject.

03/2022 – Sustainable Autonomous Systems

Blockchain interview in “Future Ready in 60minutes”

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“Everything Blockchain Explained” with Professor (Dr.) Roman Beck (Head of European Blockchain Center) from the IT University of Copenhagen.

Roman beck, “Always nice to chat with Ian Khan about my favourite topic. As expected, 60 minutes are not enough to talk about the universe of interesting aspects around Blockchain and its application. We nevertheless managed to scratch on the surface of the most relevant ones.”

Blockchain Business Bridge – the Bootcamp

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In August, the very first Blockchain Business Bridge Bootcamp took off with six Danish blockchain start-ups. After three days of intensive learning and mentoring sessions, they presented confidently in front of investors from both China and Europe.

The Blockchain Business Bridge will continues the to help more start-ups and SMEs to gain knowledge and access to resources in international markets in this way, adapting to the new-normal after the corona crisis.

What’s next for BBB? We have already begun preparations for a second bootcamp and many other blockchain activities you can look forward to. Get in touch with Ran Zhao already now, if you want to be part of the next bootcamp batch or partner up with us.

Until then, we would like to thank all bootcamp participants for your hard work and effort – startups, mentors, VCs, and so forth. See you soon!

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