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Blockchain Economics Course

In this video, the two former students Nicolai Toft Pedersen and Daniella Væver tells about the Blockchain Economics course. The course is the second part of the specialisation Digital Economics at the Master Digital Innovation and Management.

About the course

Blockchain economic systems are still in their infancy but receive a dramatic increase in industrial and academic interest. Start-ups, as well as industry initiatives, are working intensely on blockchain-based innovations, making the technology one of the most promising drivers of innovation in many sectors and industries. However, the design and implementation of blockchain-based systems requires know-how in various areas, as well as mindful consideration of larger economic and societal issues.

Students will be able to understand, analyse and reflect on the potentials and limits of blockchain technologies for a range of (inter-)organisational purposes.

This course focuses on technological and economic foundations of blockchain economics, as well as complex systems theories, market engineering, strategies and governance of distributed systems, and network effects. Moreover, economic benefits of standards for new types of sharing economies and the Internet of Things will be discussed. A critical reflection of digital determinism as well legal implications will be included as well.

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