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Education, Presentation

PhD Course at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Prof. Roman Beck taught the PhD course 'Blockchain Economics in IS research' at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).
Education, Presentation

Blockchain Course in Timișoara

Prof. Roman Beck taught the course 'Blockchain in Business and Research' at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Timisoara.
Education, PhD School

VHB ProDok PhD course

Prof. Roman Beck is teaching the VHB ProDok PhD course at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main with support from Oliver Hinz and his team in Frankfurt.


Prof. Roman Beck is teaching blockchain at Teknosofikum - a course for higher education teachers in Denmark.

Blockchain Economics Course

This course focuses on technological and economic foundations of blockchain economics, as well as complex systems theories, market engineering, strategies and governance of distributed systems, and network effects.
Education, International Blockchain School

International Blockchain School

The 5th International Blockchain School will focus on Sustainable Decentralized Finance. The students will learn how to set up a development environment and how to work with proven platforms such as Ethereum, Algorand, NEO and others.

PhD Course 2021: Blockchain in Business Research

Blockchain “hard skills” are the number one looked for capability these days, in front of AI or data analytics skills, …

PhD Course 2020: Blockchain in Business Research

At this PhD course students learned about blockchain technology and how to develop conceptual and practical solutions. Prof. Roman Beck …
Education, Executive

Executive Course: Blockchain Economics for Business, 2020

Join this blockchain course for board members and CEOs of small and medium sized enterprises in Denmark.
Education, Executive

Executive Course: Leadership and Strategies for the Blockchain Economy, 2019

On this course participants will learn about blockchain and its potential to transform existing business models