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Euronews Tech Talks

Prof Roman Beck has been interviewed for Euronews on the topic "Will blockchain ever become mainstream?"

Espresso Talk: Preparing Your Business For A Future With Blockchain

In this talk Roman Beck explains how to prepare your business for a future with blockchain.

Fact-Checking for Danish National Television

Prof. Roman Beck and Signe Agerskov helped Danish national television by fact-checking their episode of Explainer: "What is NFT?"

Fact-Checking for Explainer

Prof. Roman Beck and Signe Agerskov fact-checked for Danish national television.

Techtopia Podcast: Fra Bitcoin til Facebook-valuta

Prof. Roman Beck was interviewed for the technology podcast: Techtopia. The episode was released in January, 2021.

Future Ready in 60minutes with Ian Khan and Roman Beck

Everything you need to know about blockchain. A talk about the universe of interesting aspects around Blockchain and its applications.

Hej Forsker: Is Blockchain More than a Buzzword?

Professor Roman Beck explains in this episode of 'Hej Forsker' how blockchain technology enables new opportunities and new business models.

Q&A with Prof. Roman Beck

Operational Database Management Systems (ODBMS) did a Q&A with Prof. Roman Beck. You can read the full interview here.
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Short film: Blockchain City

Prof. Roman Beck is featured in the short film 'Blockchain City – The Rise of the Cities of Tomorrow' by Ian Khan.

Cast IT with Roman Beck

Watch European Blockchain Center leader Roman Beck talk about blockchain in the latest episode of Cast IT, a popular science podcast about foundations of information technology, hosted at IT University of Copenhagen.