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Conference, Presentation

Presentations at ECIS 2023

Signe Agerskov, Asger Balle Pedersen, and Jan Schwiderowski presented at the European Conference of Information Systems which was held in Kristiansand, Norway, from June 11th-16th.

Keynote Speaker at TIMTED

Prof. Roman Beck was a keynote speaker at the conference on “Current Economic Trends in Emerging and Developing Countries”, June 8th-9th, 2023

Keynote Speech: Technovation Summit 2023, Amman

Prof. Roman Beck delivered a keynote presentation about Decentralized Business Models, during the Techovation Summit 2023, which took place on …

Keynote Speaker at Miami Herbert Business School

Prof. Roman Beck was a keynote speaker at the conference at Miami Herbert Business School.

Keynote Speaker at Strategy Talk CIO

Prof. Roman Beck was a keynote speaker at the Strategy Talk CIO on March 22nd, 2023.

Panelist at the Danish National Bank Conference

Prof. Roman Beck was a panellist at the "New Types of Digital Money" conference hosted by the Danish National Bank 2023.
Impact, Presentation

Presentation on Blockchain and Climate

Prof. Roman Beck and Assistant Prof. Nico Wunderlich presented online on Blockchain and Climate for the German Federal Ministry, 2023.

Presentation for GAEIA Project

Prof. Roman Beck presented for the Global Alliance on Ethics and Impact of Artificial Intelligence (GAEIA), 2022.

Presentation on Metaverse – future of the internet

On October 31st, PhD fellow Asger Balle Pedersen took part in the event "Metaverse - future of the internet" hosted by IDA Connect.
Impact, Presentation

5th bloxberg Summit in Cypres

bloxberg becomes the first Association for the Advancement of Science and Blockchain e.V. Prof. Roman Beck and PhD fellow Asger Balle Pedersen gave presentations.