Blockchain Economics for Business – 2 days Course

The purpose of this course is to provide the participants with insight and understanding of blockchain. Blockchain Economics for Business course is brought to you by the European Blockchain Center at the IT University of Copenhagen.

Join us for this course on blockchain solutions for corporate leaders of small and medium sized corporations. The course is aimed at board members and CEOs of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Denmark. The course will be held Friday from 9am – 4pm and Saturday from 9am – 4pm. We will be serving lunch on both days, as well as coffee, tea, and water throughout both days of the course.

Future course dates are available later in the year as well. The course will be held in English and all participants will be given a certificate of participation.

>> To get further details and registér, please contact: Roman Beck, <<

Course description

Purpose: To provide leaders from Danish SMEs insight and understanding of:  

  • opportunities and limitations by commercial applications of blockchain/DLT-solutions
  • to integrate and exploit these into the corporation’s competitive and strategic situations
  • key elements in a blockchain-solution – and how such solutions support the total business

Outcome:  After the course, the participants are expected to have gained knowledge at an executive level on:

  • Aspects on boundaries of the corporation as these become increasingly diffuse – including consequences on associated transaction costs  
  • IT-management and standardisation relevant for blockchain solutions
  • Incentive and motivation mechanisms and economic theories role for a successful implementation of a blockchain-economy
  • Technological foundations for blockchain-systems, and how to critically analyze different  blockchain-implementations
  • How the participants will describe and discuss their individual roles, opportunities, and risks as innovative leaders in a globalized blockchain-economy

Content: At the course, you will touch upon:

  • Digital thinking, digital mindset on proactive, autonomous decentral systems.
  • Global status and tendencies for blockchain / DLT-systems
  • Economic and societal aspects
  • DAOs, Smart Contracts and decentral value creation of the future.
  • Challenges and opportunities for DLT-systems development
  • DLT-strategies and -risk management
  • Interoperability between DLT-systems and legacy systems
  • Legal aspects of DLT-systems
  • Own considerations / challenges / opportunities

The class-room dialogue will be in English

Place: IT University of Copenhagen, Rued Langgaards Vej 7, 2300 Copenhagen.

Please find the ITU’s COVID-19 guidelines for external guests here: