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Classes at IT University of Copenhagen

Master students are introduced to blockchain technology and DLT systems, gaining a decentralized mindset. The following courses are offered at ITU in the Master of Science in Digital Innovation and Management (DIM) program :

Service Economics:

Students will learn to analyze and reflect on service economic phenomena as well as managerial and organizational issues. The course will cover various example topics of interconnected service systems that have been introduced at an amazing rate in the last decade.

Learn more about the course here.

Blockchain Economics:

Students will focus on the technological and economic foundations of blockchain economics, as well as complex systems theories, market engineering, strategies and governance of distributed systems, and network effects.

Learn more about the course here.

International Blockchain School

The European Blockchain Center hosts the annual International Blockchain School at IT University of Copenhagen. This year’s edition will take place on the 12th – 16th of August 2024.

The 7th International Blockchain School will bring academia, industry, and the public sector together to work on Web3 Decentralized Systems & Business Models. PhD and master students from different disciplines and different regions are welcomed to Copenhagen to co-create new ideas and develop solutions in close cooperation with partners from Copenhagen FinTech Lab, as well as industry partners and regulators from all over Europe.

Learn more about the event by visiting

Highlights from the 6th International Blockchain School 2023