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Guest Speaker: Mia Van, Mastercard

Blockchain and Digital Assets on the topic of regulating digital assets via MiCA: a presentation by Mia Van, EMEA lead from Mastercard.

We had an insightful presentation in the Blockchain Economics Master Course at the IT University of Copenhagen, delivered by Mastercard’s Mia Van, the EMEA lead. The presentation shed light on the significance of regulating digital assets through the proposed Markets in Crypto-assets Regulation (MiCA). Drawing from Mastercard’s expertise in the financial industry, this discourse aims to explore the potential implications and benefits of MiCA in fostering a trusted and inclusive digital asset ecosystem.

MiCA is a regulatory framework introduced by the European Commission to address the rapidly evolving digital asset landscape. This regulatory proposal aims to support the digital asset market by providing legal certainty and protection. By establishing clear rules and guidelines, MiCA tries to foster trust among participants, balance innovation, and ensures financial stability.

The Role of Interoperability: Recognizing the transformative potential of tokens, MiCA emphasizes the significance of interoperability risks to financial stability. Hence, tokens (e-money) should “be subject to interoperability requirements and establish a liquidity management policy” and promote transparency within the ecosystem.

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