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Expert Presentation at INATBA Workshop

We have happy to announce that Prof. Roman Beck was invited to participate in the Global Conversation on Standards, Governance and Interoperability hosted by the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA).

At the event, Roman pointed out that blockchain could become the operating system of the network economy.

“Blockchain solutions have the potential to become the ‘supply chain operating system’ to record the quantity and transfer of assets as they move between supply chain nodes, track purchase orders, change orders, receipts, shipment notifications, or other trade-related documents, assign or verify certifications or certain properties of physical products, link physical goods to serial numbers, bar codes, digital tags like RFID, etc., and share information about manufacturing process, assembly, delivery, and maintenance of products with suppliers and vendors.” – Roman Beck at INATABA event.

You can read more about the event here.

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