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Prof. Roman Beck Becomes Advisor for ZTLment

We are happy to announce that Prof. Roman Beck has become an advisor for ZTLment.
Impact, Presentation

Expert at UNECE

Prof. Roman Beck was an expert member at the UNECE online workshop: "Towards Global Interoperable Blockchain Infrastructure".

Expert Presentation at INATBA Workshop

Prof. Roman Beck participate in the INATBA Convenes Global Conversation on Standards, Governance and Interoperability.

2nd bloxberg Summit

Prof. Dr. Roman Beck participated in the 2nd bloxberg summit, which took place online, 2020.

Hej Forsker: Is Blockchain More than a Buzzword?

Professor Roman Beck explains in this episode of 'Hej Forsker' how blockchain technology enables new opportunities and new business models.

Expert Member of OECD

Prof. Roman Beck is an expert member of the OECD Blockchain Expert Policy Advisory Board (BEPAB).

EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum Workshop

Prof. Roman Beck participated in the panel discussion 'Academic collaboration in the EU for blockchain' on Feb. 18th 2020.

The St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable

Prof. Roman Beck was a Keynote speaker at the St. Gallen Blockchain Roundtable, 2019.

FinPuls Summit

Prof. Roman Beck was a speaker at the FinPulse Regulatory Summit 2019 on November 5th in Stuttgart, Germany.

Impact of Blockchain on the Danish Industry and Labor Market

In 2018, the EBC published the world-wide first national macro-economic report on blockchain at the country level with the National Statistical Office of Denmark.