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Future Blockchain Summit 2019

Prof. Roman Beck participated as a speaker on the Future Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

Co-founders of bloxberg

The European Blockchain Center is co-founders of Bloxberg - an infrastructure that provides scientists with decentralized services worldwide.

Danish Blockchain Delegation in Xiangcheng

On November 15th, 2018, Prof. Roman Beck was part of the Danish delegation visiting Xiangchen.
Impact, Presentation

Expert Discussion at the German Parliament, 2018

Prof. Roman Beck was invited by the Digital Agenda Committee to participate at a public expert discussion at the German Parliament.

JAIS Paper on Blockchain Governance

Using the three governance dimensions this paper propose a novel IT governance framework and a research agenda for governance in the blockchain economy.
Executive, Presentation

Morning Seminar on Blockchain, 2018

At this morning seminar, members of DI Rådgiverne got a crash-course introduktion to blockchain technology.

Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup, 2018

The European Blockchain Center will host the next Copenhagen Ethereum Meetup, on August 28 from 6pm-9pm at the IT University of Copenhagen.
Conference, Nordic Blockchain Summit

Nordic Blockchain Summit 2018

You can read the full program here. You can watch the 3rd Nordic Blockchain Summit here.
Education, International Blockchain School

Blockchain Summer School 2018

In a two day hackathon 15 groups competed for top 3 spots which were later showcased at the Nordic Blockchain Summit 2018.