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NFT Panel Debate

Open ITU: NFT Panel Debate

On the 14th of September 2022, the European Blockchain Center invited four professionals to an open panel debate on how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) influence art.

Open ITU: Jonas Kasper Jensen

Jonas Kasper Jensen presented how he uses NFTs in his art.

Open ITU: Patricia Breinholm Nielsen

The curator, Patricia Breinholm Nielsen from Martin Asbæk Gallery, shared her experience with NFTs as a gallery curator.

Open ITU: Lotte Philipsen

Lotte Philipsen takes the theoretical approach to crypto art as an art historian and gives a brief lecture on conceptual art.

Open ITU: Leslie Schmidt

Leslie Schmidt, former Head of Visitor Experience at Brandts Museum, discussed the impact of NFTs on the museum world and its visitors. 

Open ITU: NFT Panel Debate

The European Blockchain Center was happy to host Open ITU - a free NFT Panel Debate on Sep. 14th, 2022.
Impact, Research

Blockchain and SMEs Report

Prof. Roman Beck contributed to the report on "Blockchain and SMEs", 2022.

Guest lecture on Token and Sustainability

On September 5th, Prof. Dr. Roman Beck gave a guest lecture on tokens and sustainability at the University of Hamburg.
Event, Student Group

Student Group Excursion

Blockchain Student Group took on an excursion to CryptoPong art exhibition at Nikolaj Kunsthal in Copenhagen, on Sep. 20th.


Prof. Roman Beck is teaching blockchain at Teknosofikum - a course for higher education teachers in Denmark.