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NFT Artwork for the Danish Refugee Council

The European Blockcenter-associated crypto artist Jonas Kasper Jensen has made new artwork called SUNKEN in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council. The artwork has been minted as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain is used to secure ownership of the NFT and ensure that proceeds from sales are distributed to the Danish Refugee Council.

About the artwork SUNKEN:

“I drew inspiration for the poster from my own experience of using the metaverse, which is this new digital reality that is emerging. To me, the metaverse reflects a significant shift in our lives, and many use it as an escape from the physical world to the digital realm. I wanted to depict that experience because I imagine that people fleeing a country similarly experience their lives in the new land as radically changing and becoming threateningly different, but hopefully also, with the right help, a world of new experiences and potentials.”

More information about the project here.

SUNKEN is also available as a poster here. Proceeds generated contribute to supporting the Danish Refugee Council’s initiatives.

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