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Science Night: Quantum Game Theory

European Blockchain Center is hosting Science Night with Matthias Hanauske to explore and talk about quantum game theory.

Quantum game theory and social Dilemmas
Both deterministic evolutionary game theory and game theory on complex networks show that the evolution of populations can develop into dilemma-like situations.

The individual players of the population see themselves (due to the dilemma-like structure of the payoff matrix) forced to choose a strategy in which each individual player, and thus the entire population, received little benefit – although a more advantageous state would be possible. The results of classical evolutionary game theory, simulations of spatial games and games on complex networks will be compared with quantum game theoretical simulations.

Through a potential quantum entanglement of the decision paths of the underlying actors, a population can escape a dilemma-like situation, if the value of entanglement is above a certain threshold. 

The European Blockchain Center invites everyone with an interest in game theory and quantum game theory alike to participate. The event is free of charge.

Date and place
March 28, 16.00 – 17.30, in Auditorium 1 at IT University

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