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The way of the DAO

The event delves into the world of decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). This event is designed for anyone interested in learning about the history, development, and potential future of DAOs.

Participants will be able to discuss topics such as the origin of DAOs, the benefits and drawbacks of decentralized governance, the role of smart contracts, and the various use cases for DAOs with peers.

POAP will be distributed. Attending events and getting a POAP will grant you access to our token-gated community on Discord. In this community, various slides, guides, and useful materials will be shared. Also, it’s a great place to network with other DAO enthusiasts.
Therefore, bring your Ethereum address. If you don’t have an address yet, we will help you set up a Metamask wallet at the event.

The program
16.00-16.15 Welcome, Grab snacks & get POAPs
16.15-16.45 Presentation from Charlotte Lynne Melkun
16.45-17.00 Q&A
17.00-17.10 Weekly updates: what is happening in the blockchain & Web3 space?
17.10-18.00 Socializing and games

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn about the future of decentralized governance and the growing importance of DAOs in various industries.

Signup on meetup here.

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