Blockchain 101


The following articles will give a basic overview of how the technology works for those who are not familiar with Blockchain.

– A gentle introduction to Blockchain
– A gentle introduction to immutability of Blockchains
– A gentle introduction to smart contracts
– Blockchains vs centralized databases

Use cases

The following articles are for those who have an understanding of what the technology is and want to know how the technology has been applied to real use cases.

– Mærsk
– Georgian land registry
– Swedish land registry
– Corruption in Ukrainian government
– Medical records in Estonia & Dubai
– #Blockchain4EU – EU Science HUB



The following articles are for those who have a good understanding of Blockchain but wish to dig deeper and understand the technical side. Some of these articles may require some computer science knowledge.

– Consensus Mechanisms
– Byzantine Fault Tolerance
– zkSNARKs in a nutshell (Zero Knowledge Proofs)


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