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Biennale for Craft & Design 2023

Jonas Kasper Jensen, the European Blockchain Center-associated crypto artist, has curated the metaverse exhibition at this year’s Biennale for Craft & Design.

The exhibition consists of 36 new works showcasing the many possibilities of handicrafts in a digital age.

About the exhibition: 

“Settle in at the dinner table set for a digital meal. Experience AI-generated daggers and the urn that smashes and converts to an NFT. Or how about revisiting stolen artifacts, sold on eBay and recreated in 3D print?

The biennale invites the audience into the new digital reality in Hall 6 at Copenhagen Contemporary. Each time, the Biennale takes the lead and examines a highly topical theme that sets thoughts in motion and pushes the entire field. This year the theme is conversion. What role do physical crafts and design play in the digital space? Can a work be converted into an NFT – a digital collector’s item – and what does that mean for the experience?”

Time & place
October 12th, 2023
Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen

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