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Our Members

Our Mutual Success Stories

Executive Courses
Blockchain Academy Network (BAN)
One day-events for executive leaders introducing them to blockchain technology and decentralised business models.
Business Network
Blockchain Business Bridge (BBB)
The European Blockchain Center hosted the BBB to support international collaboration and networking between start-ups, SMEs and investors from both Europe and China.
Impact of Blockchain on the Danish Industry and Labor Market
The world-wide first national macro-economic report on blockchain at country level.
International Blockchain School
The European Blockchain Center brings together case companies and blockchain students to collaborate on blockchain use-cases.
Keynote and Guest Speakers
Conferences, Events and Courses
Blockchain experts and companies are invited as guest speakers for the Blockchain Economics course, the PhD course, International Blockchain School, and blockchain conferences.
Benchmark Test
EU Report on Carbon Reduction
The European Blockchain Center conducted a benchmark tests for the European Commission to evaluate different ledgers for a multi-million devices network to reduce carbon emissions in Europe.