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EU Blockchain Week 2023: Panel Discussion

Prof. Roman Beck participated in the panel discussion “Interoperability of Blockchain Platforms”, during the EU Blockchain Week – EUBOF Conference. Which took place from the 6th-7th of October 2023, in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The conference was organized by the Digital Innovation Hub Blockchain for Trusted Data Ecosystems; the Ministry of the Economy, Tourism, and Sport, Slovenia; Technology Park Ljubljana; and the EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum.

Prof. Roman Beck, the EBSI-VECTOR interoperability task leader, and blockchain interoperability expert, represented the EBSI-VECTOR Use Case.

See the participants in the panel discussion here:

Moderated by Nikos Kostopoulos, EUBOF
Keynote Speech: EUBOF’s Interoperability report, Nikos Kostopoulos

  • EBSI – Use cases:
    Roman Beck, VECTOR project
    Steffen Schwalm, Trace4EU project
  • Tadej Slapnik, Sl-Chain
  • Bruno Kinyaga and Farrukh Aimdjanov, UNIDO, Tanzania blockhchain infrastructure
  • Branimir Rakić, Trace Labs, Core Developers of the OriginTrail
  • Jose Cantera, IOTA use case
  • Caroline Barelle, ONTOCHAIN

Time & place
6th of October, 2023
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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