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Korean Delegation Visit

On November 21st, the European Blockchain Center had the pleasure of hosting a delegation from Chungnam Techno Park and Chungcheong ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Innovation Square in the Republic of Korea.

During the event, Prof. Roman Beck delivered a presentation, providing insights into the research and activities conducted by the European Blockchain Center, while the visiting delegation showcased their own educational initiatives.

Chungnam Techno Park:
Chungnam Techno Park in South Korea serves as a hub for innovation, supporting research and development across various industries. It offers cutting-edge facilities, incubation centers, and collaborative spaces to drive economic growth and foster a culture of creativity.

Chungcheong ICT Innovation Square:
Situated within Chungnam Techno Park, Chungcheong ICT Innovation Square focuses on accelerating digital innovation. It provides a dedicated space for startups, fostering collaboration between industry and academia. The square aims to position Chungnam province as a leader in areas such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity.

Time & place
November 21st, IT University of Copenhagen

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