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Presentation at the 2018 European Public Policy Conference

Prof. Roman Beck presented at the European Public Policy Conference, which focused on the topic of “Borders in Transition: Creating, Removing, Reimagining”.

Having marked the milestone of its 10th annual occurrence, this year’s event took place in Sofie, a decision influenced by Bulgaria’s then-holding of the EU presidency.

The advent of technology has brought with it an unprecedented ability to share and access information. In doing so, however, society has lost a crucial sense of privacy and ownership. In his presentation, Professor Roman Beck examined the role that blockchain can play in reasserting these rights in the digital era. At the same time, however, he highlighted the difficulties that blockchain-enabled technologies present for governing bodies, as they rely on a decentralized ledger system. Raising issues ranging from the EU’s recent enactment of the General Data Protection Regulation(GdPR) to ensuring compliance and authenticity when selling automobiles, blockchain empowers individuals’ rights but creates political and regulatory challenges for states.

Time & place:
April 13th-15th, 2018
Sofia, Bulgaria

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