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Student Group

Join the Blockchain Student Group, Fall 2021

The European Blockchain Center launches the Blockchain Student Group. The aim is to create a collaborative research and teaching environment across departments and universities.
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Blockchain Academy Network, Bella Center

This event were held at Bella Center in Copenhagen for the “Blockchain Economics for Business” academy day, offered by European Blockchain Center.

Fact-Checking for Danish National Television

Prof. Roman Beck and Signe Agerskov helped Danish national television by fact-checking their episode of Explainer: "What is NFT?"

Prof. Roman Beck at Fintech Advisory Board

We are happy to announce that Prof. Roman Beck is part of the Global Advisory Board of Copenhagen Fintech.

Co-founders of bloxberg

The European Blockchain Center is co-founders of Bloxberg - an infrastructure that provides scientists with decentralized services worldwide.
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Blockchain Business Bridge Seminar

Online seminar with Blockchain Business Bridge for Danish executives.

BLING Conference: Blockchain Public services across Europe

Prof. Roman Beck was a keynote speaker at the BLING conference on "Blockchain Public services across Europe".

Fact-Checking for Explainer

Prof. Roman Beck and Signe Agerskov fact-checked for Danish national television.
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INATBA: Value Creation Through Blockchain Analytics

The International Association for Trusted Blockchain Application (INATBA) and the EBC presented online on value creation through blockchain analytics.

AIS Research Exchange

This session with JAIS Editor-in-Chief, Dorothy Leidner was moderated by Prof. Roman Beck.