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Presentation for GAEIA Project

Prof. Roman Beck presented for the Global Alliance on Ethics and Impact of Artificial Intelligence (GAEIA), 2022.

Presentation on Metaverse – future of the internet

On October 31st, PhD fellow Asger Balle Pedersen took part in the event "Metaverse - future of the internet" hosted by IDA Connect.
Impact, Presentation

5th bloxberg Summit in Cypres

bloxberg becomes the first Association for the Advancement of Science and Blockchain e.V. Prof. Roman Beck and PhD fellow Asger Balle Pedersen gave presentations.

Presentation on Standardisation and Law

On October 13th, Astrid Bækby Knudsen from Dansk Standard and PhD student Asger Balle Pedersen, did a blockchain presentation on standardisation and law.
Event, Student Group

Student Group Excursion: Martin Asbæk Gallery

Martin Asbæk Gallery invited the Blockchain Student Group to experience the first solo exhibition by Danish visual artist Ditte Ejlerskov …
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Presentation at the the Danish Business Authority

On the 4th of October 2022, members of the European Blockchain Center presented at the Danish Business Authority.
Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker: Blockchain Fond

On Sep. 28th, 2022, Adrian Larsen from Blockchain Fond presented as a guest speaker at the Blockchain Economics course.

Digital Tech Summit

The European Blockchain Center was present at the Digital Tech Summit, 2022 in Copenhagen.
NFT Panel Debate

Open ITU: NFT Panel Debate

On the 14th of September 2022, the European Blockchain Center invited four professionals to an open panel debate on how non-fungible tokens (NFTs) influence art.

Open ITU: Jonas Kasper Jensen

Jonas Kasper Jensen presented how he uses NFTs in his art.